Post Surgery Help

I’ve had 2 eye surgeries in the last 2 weeks and I have about 2 more weeks of time to kill. I’m exhausted of listening to podcasts and music (rather listen to TNG on repeat without video at this point) Need suggestions (pref nerdy/education-related); caveat: can’t see too well/look at things for long and bonus points if it’s productive!

Guess I would be listening to my Pink Floyd and Beatles collection along with the various Techno stuff I like.

Maybe grab some Jean Michael Jarre, Art of Noise etc…

Perhaps a service like Apple Music, Google Music, Spotify ?

Also there has to be a lot to listen to on Audible but I’m not a subscriber to any of these services but perhaps one could pique your interests ?

Oh and good luck on your post eye surgery, here’s to hoping all turns out great for you :slight_smile:

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meditation and self-reflection


I’d imagine some audio books would be worth while to check out?


You don’t really need to see the video to follow along. These guys got good stuffs


Defcon!!! I love watchitg defcon talks, its like my own ted talks xD

Start with jason street and deviant ollum.

Also BBS the documentary is absolutely amazing.


You can spend your time eating rare steaks and lamb cuts.


Thanks for all the quick replies! (Keep them coming!) The audiobooks are a good suggestion, I never could really get into them before, but I’ll give it another go for sure. Raw meat consumption is high on the list, no doubt. And those two series seem pretty interesting. I DO like to switch things up so please keep them coming guys, but this is great to get me started!

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Something for when your vision gets better


I recommend two audio books by Nassim Taleb. ‘Fooled by Randomness’ and ‘The Black Swan’. They’re both very engrossing and long. Real nerdy pleasures if you aren’t familiar with them.