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Post pictures of what you ate!



Dinner is a… weirdo salad?

Green peppers, onions, cucumber, black beans, tomato, avocado and goat cheese topped with some lazily seasoned mock chicken:



Prep work for the crock pot

Chuck roast, cheap but flavorful. Cut into small pieces with some spices, cold water mixed with some flour and 1 hr high followed by 7 hrs low.


I like your knife… May I have it?




No need to…
If you remove the bread, you have sweet and spicy chicken meal. With the bread it’s pizza. I don’t like fruity pizzas to begin with, but as a combo it shouldn’t be all that bad…



Terrible grammar in that one.


I’m going to cheat a bit, cause it’s still in the fridge, I haven’t ate it yet, but still…
Chocolate cheesecake. The base is cacao biscuits with rum and butter, the filling is cream cheese, melted chocolate, melted butter, sugar, rum extract and rum itself…
And some “grated” chocolate on top.


Deep-fried duck with szechuan for me and sushi for the GF.


Had some raw sausages, had a piece of meat, found a bullion cube, I don’t usually use them, but I was lazy… So I peeled some potatoes and throw everything in the oven…

So there’s that…


Ham, cheese and mustard wraps…


Went out for something new with my girlfriend

Syrian food its nice subtle and suprising fresh minty soure zweet tastes



Trying out reducetatrianism (going veggie because it’s cheaper (plus the environment, and all that gubbins)).

Chilli I just made with Quorn mince.


Tried an interesting breakfast this morning: baked egg in avocado with tomato, some greek yogurt and Secret Aardvark hot sauce:

Unfortunately it looks better than it tasted, the avocado lost a lot of flavor in baking, so I think something like a soft boiled egg inside a raw avocado would be a better alternative in the future.


I made an unmeat log:

And I made a wrap with spinach, sauerkraut and dijon mustard with some of it:


9 hours later
On crock pots:

The 70’s called, they want their kitchen appliance back


I am currently on diet, I only eat twice a day. Breakfast is just a plain hot chocolate then lunch is either grilled chicken or fish with veggies as a side dish.


Why? That sounds miserable.