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Post pictures of what you ate!



I love pork sausage but really any meat works for me if it tastes great. Protein is protein.


Lunch today is a wrap with a black bean patty chopped up, bbq sauce, tomato slices, smoked provolone and some avocado:

It was delicious.




I just had poutine from a Lucky’s 13 in the twin cities (MN) area on Friday, and they didn’t do it right. The only time I’ve got poutine here, other few times being in Canada. Off to a bad start with Minnesotan’s trying to do poutine…




“Made” myself a pizza (AKA buying a cheese pizza at the deli and throwing my own toppings on it)

But I found a cool heirloom tomato that kinda looks like a pineapple when you cut it.


Looks like a Kellogg’s Breakfast tomato. We grow those in the raised beds and some of them get positively massive.


Yee, this thing was huge. Almost the size of a grapefruit.


About like this?



That’s a small pumpkin!


Nope, that’s actually a normal size tomato… I’ve seen way lager than those… Especially in the garden of my parents…


We’ve had a few larger, but honestly with just my wife and I we cannot eat all the tomatoes we’ve gotten this year so far. We try and give some away to the neighbors and have frozen a good number to give away as well. I need to make sauce or something…




But I’m laaaaaaaazy…


I can relate to that…
Still, I got off the chair and made a nice mushrooms, peppers and cheese omelet…


I lretty much made this again,

But with beef




I have absolutely no idea how I made the cutlets so juicy and soft… But I did. And I’m proud…


looks great


I can’t quite get an universal veggies combo to make pasta taste good. I mean the pasta does need tomatoes. If there are no tomatoes in the mix, it just tastes weird, no matter what I do with it…