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Post pictures of what you ate!



Yesterday’s lunch:

A wrap with hummus, spinach, tomato from the garden, goat cheese, a black bean burger cut up and topped with a little BBQ sauce. It’s nice being able to come home on break.




Curry sausage garlic and onion pasta…
The macaroni was not enough, so I added some spaghetti. It seems they are not enough either…


Made some stew, because lazy.


I know this omelet looks terrible but it actually tastes better than it looks. I had to use all the potato salad I had before it spoils. Added turkey sausage and corn to the mix.


im hoping there was egg in that.


I can relate to his omelette actually. Mine almost never comes in it’s proper shape.
Anyways, I am making Musaka. It will be done in like… 15 minutes? So pictures then…


wet chicken burrito


@anarekist Three eggs with some extra egg whites for the omelete.

@psycho_666 I have made presentable omeletes before but typically when I have put enough oil in the pan and not too much toppings on one side so I can easily flip the other side.


Carrot Slices
Olive Oil

is okay


What I ate for breakfast yesterday.

Oatmeal with peanut butter, eggs and sausage.


What are those poop looking things in the plate with the sausage and the eggs?

This is the musaka from yesterday…


Smoked pork sausage. The other sausage is turkey based.


Breaded chicken bites, mushrooms and rice with veggies…


This truly is the key to a presentable omelette. Also if you can add some milk to the eggs to get them to fluff up more it helps with the quality of presentation and covering of filling ingredients.


You must have money or not be american, there shitty sausage links that are microwaved, the thing that looks like sausage is I think a hotdog due to the coloration of the skin, @Orthonox could you clarify? That seems like a cheap break fast I would through together given a tight budget and leftovers from a barbecue a couple days ago, looks like shit yet taste amazing.


I keep forgetting I can do that.


Because I didn’t feel like making pancakes nor a sandwich, I resorted to sausage. Here is the turkey sausage:


Here is the beef sausage. Apparently I cannot read and I said it was pork before:


A many times in the kroger, a many full stomach in the morning


You see, I know I must have money. If only the money knew I must have them… I’m poor as [email protected]… And when I’m around [email protected] are legendarily poor…

I am not American.

It’s weird to me the basic difference in naming the same thing with different names or different things with the same name, according to the culture you live in and the difference in the food itself, etc etc etc…
Beef sausage? No… Pork FTW… Less mad cow.