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Post pictures of what you ate!



A large salad in a small bowl and a pork chop, pan fried with mustard…


Some steak, asparagus with onions and peppers, and a bit of rice.


I’ve heard some comments, that those keycaps are really uncomfortable to use… Is that true, or it’s a personal preference thing? Also what is that yellow thing on the steak?


These particular keycaps are alright to use because; they’re not too small, textured, and slightly concaved so it cups your finger as you type. It takes a little to get used to but certainly not uncomfortable.

As for the yellow stuff on the steak, it’s this stuff:


Pork, pasta, mushrooms and vegetables stir fry…


Oven baked rice with… Stuff…


Potato salad

Pork chops with mustard marinade

Mushrooms wine sauce

AnAnd a lot of rakia - traditional Bulgarian alcoholic drink…
Today is my day off…


Leftover BBQ. Bratwurst, not franks.


Cream, bacon, mushrooms and onion pizza…

I still can’t quite bake it properly, so the bread is done with the rest. I added the cheese later, so the dough will bake and not steam, but still it was a bit doughy on the inside…


Decided to be mad and added potato salad to my sandwich.

Suffice to say, it was a good decision.


Bacon mushroom onion risotto, using leftovers from yesterday’s pizza…


Looks yummy along with the pizza.


Going to do a big workout before touching these bad boys.


I think I’d want to do the workout afterwards to burn off all that insulin…


I actually didn’t eat all of it. Only had three donuts and gave two away.


But… where are the other six? Math! MAAAAAAAAAAATH!


Presentation: Looks like a barf sandwich.

Taste: Very delicious.

Ingredients used: Tuna and smoked sausage omelet with Amish potato salad and corn, Havarti cheese, tobasco sauce, mayo, and multi grain bread.

Things were messy when cooking but I’m only serving me and not someone else.

Maybe I should practice the philosophy of less is more… Nah


Currently there are now five donuts. I had three from yesterday, my brother had one, my grandmother probably had three (or two and my mother took one).


I made myself a nice thick sausage onion and pepper omelet… And then I remembered I don’t have a plate, large enough to plate the damn thing…


I had one of these: