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Post pictures of what you ate!



The store…

Sadly all cute cumbers in the store were soft, so I fondled them all to find the hardest ones and get them.
I also peeled them up before slicing it…


Potatoes with eggplant, meat and stir fry vegetables.


Breakfast this morning is three scrambled eggs over feta, Kellogg’s Breakfast tomato and chopped kale topped with some hot sauce and Greek yogurt.


How does feta and kale taste?


I have an issue with the greek part, but OK…


Great? There’s enough other flavors here that they’re balanced well enough. The brand of feta is Dodoni which is pretty amazing all by itself.

You can take it up with Chobani, I’m just a guy in the midwest USA doing my best not to eat garbage food :joy:


Lasagna bolognese

Home made…


That looks so good I would just steal it from you if I lived anywhere near you.


There is so much left, I would just give you a plate and a fork… No need to steal…




Some spicy Chinese chicken thing on top of rice.


So I already had a nice large salad with cheese and everything…
Now I have scrambled eggs with cow cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes, since this is what I had in the fridge…


I enjoy the fact that you are [presumably] in a country in which the cheese must be specified as from cow’s milk. Here it’s assumed to be so unless stated otherwise.


We have multiple type of cheeses from multiple kinds of milk.
Yes, the default is cow milk cheese, but you can always get sheep, goat, even buffalo…
And this is the white cheese. The one, that looks like Feta. And then we go into the yellow hard chease and there is no rescue boat in sight in the see of cheese.


Oh all of those things can be had here as well, but I like the specification. I feel more cultured for having read it :joy:


So where are you from?


I am in the midwest USA, although originally from the west coast.

Edit: figured I’d be a little less vague. I live in Iowa for now as my wife gets her PhD.


Made a tasty chili with tomatoes from the garden, chickpeas, black beans, poblano peppers, red onion and TVP topped with avocado, chives and Greek(ish) yogurt.


Well, it fell apart, but it’s supposed to be Sheppard’s pie with pork, so basically Swineherder’s pie?

And biscuit cake for desert… That also fell apart…


The cake looks amazing.

I’m also very hungry right now.