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Post pictures of what you ate!



Pork (left) and chicken (right) schnitzel with buttered mushrooms and green beans (we call them french green beans) with garlic and dill.

I still can’t figure out how to properly season green beans to give them actual taste. They are not tasty at all… IDK what I am doing wrong. I sauteed them in butter with the mushrooms, some garlic, salt, pepper and dill and they still taste like crap.
I give up. The color is nice, but I guess I will move to broccoli or something… Spinach? I’ll be Peter, the crappy cook… Tooot…


Now I know it’s against the rules to post pornographic photos but I just couldn’t help myself



Pork, onions, green beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, spices and mustard stir fry…

PS and pasta… How could I forget the pasta…


Mussels over pasta with Olive oil, garlic, onion, diced tomatoes and spices.
I wish I had some white wine or sherry to add to the mix.


Might be the only vegetarian here…

Sauteed Tofurky “chorizo”, jimmy nardello pepper and red onion over heirloom tomato, feta and spinach, topped off with greek yogurt. Needed a low-carb dinner after eating lunch with the in-laws today.


What I had for breakfast on Saturday.


Took my girlfriend to Bubba Gump last night

The view was great too


awesome guys!! hungry now :sweat:


Some shit I put together in 3am.

It’s orzo with tomatoes, green peppers, zucchini and a bunch of spices. There would have been onions and mushrooms in there if my onions were not off and I had any mushrooms.


Yams, chicken, and stir fry vegetables. Some potatoes were masquerading in as yams.


Smoked mackerel salad.


Veggie pasta with Beyond Meat fake chicken strips, mushrooms, green pepper and heirloom tomato (those two grown in the back yard), stirred up with some basil pesto.


@ThatBootsGuy & @anarekist Havarti cheese is nice. I still think Gouda is my favorite cheese but Havarti does well for me. Need to try the sandwich with just the cheese to get a better opinion.

For this sandwich, the difference besides Havarti is the inclusion of Buffalo Style chicken breast along with the turkey breast. Chicken breast tastes great on a sandwich. Breaks the mold of using ham and turkey for most of my life.


looks delicious


It certainly was delicious.


Grilled Havarti Cheese Sandwich with both two boiled eggs (each cut in half) and sausage on the side.

Havarti is dope.


try Muenster cheese next. hehe


Tried it. Tastes great although I do not think I have done it on a grilled cheese before.


Tomatoes, cute cumbers and cow cheese salad with couple of grilled sausages…

Yesterday I just used whatever I had on my hands…


where did you get those cute cumbers?