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Post pictures of what you ate!



Finally got a pic before the plate was empty
A little scrambled egg with my tamale, no salsa in the house unfortunately



Came out as expected, but didn't taste as good as it looked (to me)..

The steaks from the meat market are better than these from the super market... :|


Breakfast chili


i made a whole box of blueberry muffin mix
in a big ole loaf
50% cos im too lazy to fuck with muffin pans and paper
50% cos ive always sorta wanted a muffin loaf


So you made a blueberry bread?
Send a piece...


Some late night winter grilling last night.

New York Striploin, mmmmmmm, a little snow can't stop me. brrrrrrrrr.


Rice and vegetables...

Oh yeah... And oven baked chicken boob with curry sauce...

If I don't stop cooking I'll get even fatter than I already am..


now how hard is it to clean that pan? i threw mine away lol


Once properly seasoned it's not hard at all. Cooking a steak on the grill pan is fairly easy to clean even if not quite seasoned right -- but pork chops tend to be worse because they sometime ooze out some weird shit that cooked onto the pan. I rarely use the grill pan to be honest -- I prefer the flat cast iron most of the time.


same, and yeah i think porkchops left some hard to get out oily grime


Yeah cast iron is definitely the better choice to beat people with


Korean Bibimbap for lunch today!


That's blood and you should clean it with kitchen "paper"(not sure if this is the right word) while its hot. Or when you wash the pan, put some hot water in it and let it sit for a good 5-10 minutes than clean it of.


That's what I did but nothing would stop this orangy oil goop from coming off


Doritos Loco Taco (Taco Bell Canada)

5 Layer Dip Loaded Griller (Taco Bell Canada)

.... and a McDouble (custom made - no mustard, no pickles but extra onions and extra ketchup) from McDonald's Canada


I wish my brain didn't think unhealthy fast food looked so delicious. :(


is that dorito taco pretty good?


Let me just say for all the carbs I have been eating lately which have included Doritos in so many different ways I am paying for it. I also know though that my body isn't able to digest certain foods properly anymore and I should see a doctor about it but I don't like doctors. So I guess I would say to anyone thinking this looks good eh like with many things out there in moderation this is good. In terms of how it tastes I think going with the deluxe would be better as the sour cream is a nice touch for the Doritos Loco Taco. If I get it again I will go with the deluxe.


Yes.. I always order the 'supreme' version of their stuff so it'll have sour cream (and tomatoes?). I like the Fiery Doritos Locos Taco Supreme.... and chicken chalupa supreme.... and soft steak taco supreme.... and nachos supreme (or bel grande).... :) Sour cream all the things.


Not to be gross, but if I posted what I ate it would look like this...

However, I just got my annual goodie box from my BFF and I am about to eat this...