Post pictures of what you ate!

@MattiP i have done it with other species with maitake being the best deep fried, but the only place to get them is a long drive and im still crippled and not doing my own shopping

@Mastic_Warrior i have done karaage its the Korean method and i love it too. have done with corn starch only also which is crunchier and sometimes too much when reheating in the oven


Korean Fried Chicken is also bomb. That is my wife’s favorite way to have chicken wings and chicken nuggets.

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Home made Crème brûlée :yum:


Absolutely delicious and although they did not look that good, there was still the whole spoon cracking the caramelized top part feel to them, just not as cold as i would have liked.

things for next time:

  • try the cooling and setting part on the lowest shelf of the fridge but maybe i raised the temp too much with the blowtorch :thinking:

  • try the same recipe with monkfruit stevia instead of actual sugar though that is much more of a power than a crystal so the burned effect might not work so much.

  • learn how to actually do the flame bit!


Fillet with creamy mushroom sauce and salad.


nice… like very :yum:

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Back in my day my grandparents walked 50 miles through the snow and they cooked in LARD.

Lard eggs and lard toast and bacon.

PS the previously posted burger was a one off.
PPS my cholesterol and blood pressure is in the optimal range.


I still render bacon fat for lard and use it for homemade biscuits and pancakes. But not every day…


Made some pork stew…


Chinese noodle soup with leftover slow cooked lamb shoulder.


I forgot how much I love Creme Brulee. I bought some containers so that I can us my Sous Vide instead of doing it in an oven water bath. I may make that this weekend on stream.


that’s the fancy way! much too fancy for my skills
try brown sugar for caramelizing :hushed:

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My wife made homemade brown sugar. I will give that a try.


made Korean fried chicken and home made fries and used the 5 guys spice method. corn starch only for the breading this time and did a double fry letting the chicken rest after the first fry. moisture form the meat soaks into the breading making it a bit less crunchy and the second fry(at higher temp) helps get it crunchy again and adds more color which counteracts the sogginess form the sauce. pretty traditional sauce only using mirin, sake, honey, and brown sugar for sweeteners and no rice syrup which is hard to get.
the 5 guys method is to throw the spice mix of salt, black pepper, paprika, oregano, onion, garlic, cayenne in a bag with the just out of the fryer frys and shake to coat. used tuperware but same effect and you cant leave it in the container with the lid on too long or the steaming frys will get soggy. subbed cayenne for a mix of peppers and didnt use peanut oil but otherwise its spot on a bit better for me not a big cayenne or thyme fan

first fry

second fry


Curry with pasta and ground meat


for the big batch made i tried some brown sugar some monkfruit stevia and some regular sugar.

Brown sugar worked surprizingly well, monkfruit stevia basically evaporated :cry: and regular sugar was a bit better than last time. Maybe its the slightly bigger granules? :thinking:

good luck!

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I finally made Borsch/Borscht successfully. I did a Polish/Ukrainian hybrid. Again, I dont have the plating skillz of Pete, but it tastes better than it looks.

I may make the Creme Brulée tomorrow as it is getting late and I just finished the stream.


He doesn’t have any…
@MilzyBee pushed me towards making chimkin thighs with rice…

I used some peppers and olives in the rice. Didn’t broil or tho, cause the rice would have dried out and I don’t want that…


who needs platin’ when its yum!

extra water maybe or maybe broth?


The top layer would dry out while the bottom would overcook. I have tried a lot of ways.
My oven doesn’t have a fan, so I can’t make the heat circulating. My mom’s oven have a fan and it can broil the chicken without drying the rice.
But my crappy oven doesn’t…


oh yeah i remember now… oops.