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Post pictures of what you ate!




Well fuck me sideways and call me Betty…
I seriously though it was GMO or something… .


These are my favorite blue corn chips ever:


Those are fucking delicious.


You could give 'em a like even. :wink:


Goat cheese stuffed sirloin burgers topped with an egg on a sweet bread bun plus the fixings.


I make a lot of beef jerky.


Thought these were more Blue Corn chips at first…


I realize how the daylight is actually looking quite blue on the beef jerky. Lol!


Dinner tonight is Korean potato salad, steamed cauliflower, black rice, some sort of mild curry tofu, and soy (sauce) braised field roast. Pretty good I think. Haven’t checked out dessert yet.

Oh this brownie is so good… just straight up peanut butter chocolate.


This looks awesome. Thanks for the recipe link.


Work is handing out “I Voted” cupcakes (I chose pumpkin but they also had vanilla and peanut butter chocolate):



Taco fest spread. Chicken, Tilapia and Ribeye steak fajita.


You are supposed to wear the sticker silly.


Roasted chicken from a taco truck for a late lunch in the park. Yes, those are gloves. No one enjoys stinky chicken fingers. :sunglasses:


Fried mushrooms and leek with the leftover jasmine rice from couple days ago…

And I made some cheese on toast


Slow cooked Kangaroo with pineapple and Couscous, Pearl Barley, vegetables


Made pretzels and beer cheese from the WoW cookbook. It was good. The cheese was a little grainy, and I think maybe I’ll use regular cheddar instead of extra sharp, because it was pretty sharp. The pretzels were pretty great. I wanted to leave them in longer, but my girlfriend doesn’t like more cooked stuff.

We also made a strudel with olallieberries because we didn’t have raspberries and it turned out better I think. They have a stronger flavor than raspberries. Sadly, the place we get them from will no longer be growing them, they said because of climate change. I don’t have a full picture of this one, sorry :frowning: . We got a little excited, and we did a terrible job at lining up the dough so it just kinda looked like a giant toaster strudel with a little bit of the insides showing, but it was awesome.

Everything was made from scratch. Dough, icing, everything.


Went top the food court, Taiwanese Steak with Pepper Sauce and Salt and Pepper Chicken.


Spaghetti risotto with crispy bacon, ginger and garlic…