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Post pictures of what you ate!



Ah yes, the most important thread, here I am again.

Had a humble ham sammy while waiting…

then ate this:


This dessert is called Peanut Butter Dream and they are fucking spot on; it’s amazing.


Whipped goat cheese crostini with blueberry compote.

Blueberry vinaigrette salad.


End result of black pepper souffle:

Has red wine reduction on top.

@psycho_666 @Codycat @strykerzr350

It taste like breakfast.


Proper bolognese…


Keto life

Reverse seared, then seared in butter.

Almond flour, coconut flour, butter, eggs, tiny bit of zero carb sweetener cookies with non-sweetened vanilla coconut yogurt.


Explain, explaaaain…


Counter intuitive to how I’ve been taught, where one wants to sear the outside first to lock all the juices in, then flip the steak frequently to cook without overcooking. Reverse sear is you put the steak in the oven at around 250F for about 20-30 min (core temp gets up to ~110’ish), then throw on a piping hot skillet for a few minutes, flipping it every minute (or less) and sear the outside. Requires temp probe and some trail and error for me-- but the results are way more consistent vs. the traditional methods. Its kind of a ‘poor mans/I don’t want to buy a sous vide’ method.


This is the Impossible Burger. It’s about as close to meat as I remember, at least in burger form. It was quite good.

It was a real surprise finding it on the lunch menu of a small restaurant on the Oregon coast today.


Herb crusted pork cutlet with curry sauce…


I’ve been wanting to try one of those for a while now.
How do you rate it vs the other burgers you eat?


It was pretty amazing. I’d put it on par easily with the Beyond Burger, although I think it is more similar to ground beef than the latter. If you can get ahold of one, definitely go for it.


Chinese style pork with salad.


Truffle fries with Mango Mayo

Last night I made a vegetable soup (zucchini and potatoes) with cheese and bread croutons…


Can’t take a trip to Fredericksburg and not get schnitzel…


Stuffed peppers with rice and ground pork…


Fish with sliced tomatoes.


Saturday breakfast was a mocha and a chocolate and butterscotch chip scone that was pretty awesome, but more like dessert than breakfast:

Lunch is Banza mac & cheese with some broccoli and a Field Roast Frankfurter tossed in:


So technically I haven’t eaten any yet, but I made refrigerator pickles today with cucumbers and cayenne peppers from the garden: