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Post pictures of what you ate!



I am protesting the lack of free and open source software in our governmen–

Ah, who cares. I’m too damn hungry for this crap :expressionless:


Oh look, a salad, that’ll cure starvation :smirk:


What are those “flakes” on top of it ?


Oh man falafel and avocado. Sold!


Wonton strips. The crutons have dairy and egg lol


I thought its fried pork skin but as I have seen your diet I decided to ask.


I had a Lettuce with Chicken strips mixed with thousand Island. :wink:


Burger, cheese, garlic mayo, rocket (arugela?), Serrano ham, onion, salt n pepper. Curly fries with more mushrooms.


My friend appreciates the table cloth.


Hahaha, a temporary measure I am told, there to cover up the peeling varnish. I also like it.


Tagging the shakebois @anon37156419 and @Steinwerks


Scandi weirdos.


LOL at that terrifying picture. PTSD for anyone into The Last of Us.


LOL, you’re right.
It’s a Dutch shake, they can be like that.


:joy: :rofl:

Good times. How does it taste? What do you use for the base?


I’ve got nothing else than the powder in it, GF is on vacation and my fridge is completely empty. :sweat_smile:

It tastes OK, pretty neutral with a light vanilla.

Edit: I mix it with water @anon37156419


Courgette, feta and griddled peach salad, AKA ‘what can I eat instead of going shopping?’ salad.


That’s some tasty salad, I approve of it however I have something that I don’t approve and that’s @tsk empty fridge … when will you learn you have to take @psycho_666 at your place, he will cook for you … and maybe not only …


@tsk have a girlfriend… She can cook for him…


not if you are there …