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Post pictures of what you ate!



This turned out amazing! Basically a random taco salad thing made up of a cucumber from the garden, poblano pepper, chopped spinach, half an avocado, tomato, shredded smoked cheddar cheese and Field Roast Mexican Chipotle Sausage spiced with some cayenne pepper, lime juice, smoked sea salt and a little Secret Aardvark habanero hot sauce.


I took pictures before cooking it. Unfortunately they did not last long enough to take pictures of afterwards.


It was all about the innuendo anyway. S’alright.


Hate when that happens


Got to take a picture before you devour it :slight_smile:


Mmm leftovers, beefy mac


Lunches! The wife made a salad base with chickpeas, cucumber, red and yellow bell pepper, onions and a dill sauce made with Vegenaise. I marinated some tofu for about 48 hours and baked it last night. Turned out really good IMO.

Nevermind the Subway napkin…


Ladies and gentlemen, the perfect summer soup - tarator.

Garlic, cucumber, yogurt, dill and a dash of olive oil. People usually put some walnuts in, but I don’t have any…


You are getting lazy, mix it up first. I like using 50/50 ice and cold water so its refreshing and ready for drinking right after i make it.


You have no idea…
But let’s say I also made lentil stew with pork as well, so the tarator was just like a quick snack while I was making the main course…



It’s Sunday…
I made a salad, consisting of beans, peas, carrots and tomato sauce…

A ground meat for schnitzels is defrosting right next to a boiling rice for rice pudding…
@anon5644329, I am getting lazy, yes, but sometimes when I have an inspiration, man, nothing can’t stop me :stuck_out_tongue:


A wrap with Field Roast Frankfurter, smoked cheddar, avocado, tomato and spinach for lunch today:


Cucumber salad and fried goat cheese with honey.



Potato gratin with cheese and stuff and a chicken leg…


Omelette with onion and bell pepper. Freshly baked croissant on the side.


Stir-fry chicken and veggies with cream and cheese…


I’ve yet to eat anything on this day :frowning_face:

Second biggest mistake was visiting this thread.


Go eat something you starvation enthusiast…