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Post Links to Any 80s or 70s Music



Had to...


I cant copy that but I am guessing its Rick Role.

Its strange when you listen to Push it to the Limit and Never Gonna Give You Up at the same time.





if you want more I'm happy to provide lol


I have a thing for 70s and 80s disco, groove and funk.

And reggae. As long as it's not Bob Marley. Bob Marley is the only person anyone thinks of when they think of reggae.


Some great music in this thread even Rick.

Some of my favourites.



I'll stick to 80s right now. Might do 70s later.


Damn, I saw the thread and i was about to post some black sabbath and then I saw your post


Last post before newest post is one year ago. The new post brought this thread back. This is known as necroing a thread which is not allowed on the forum. This thread is locked.