Post domains you own

So i got pretty lucky and picked up
and also;

What sort of domains have you guys picked up, that surprised you it wasn't taken?

Also, I think there's a practice going on with these domain registrars, where if you find something that is appealing and don't purchase it right away, somehow it gets taken. I don't know if Godaddy is actually doing this, but I find it suspicious that it has happened a few times with me, wherein I find something like, and 30 minutes later it's taken. (This one was a more why the fuck not kind of thing) (personal use domain and email) (this one is for my teamspeak server

Had a similar experience at work. We needed some domains for new services we are launching. There was a lot of internal deliberation about exactly which ones to get and in the interim several got taken. At least some, if not all of this involved GoDaddy as registrar.

I'm not going to scream foul play without more evidence but it certainly intrigued me at the time. That thread you linked looks interesting, I will give it a read through later.

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Its called Domain Tasting. Its weird.

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Oh the fun.... someone should setup a domain tasting bot, to waste their tasting, but tailor it to gross/deviant/offensive names

you get the idea.

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