Post code 98 on new Asrock B550 Taichi Razor Edition

Title says it all. Just built new PC and started it up to install OS and it won’t fully post. I had the m.2 I’ll be using in the mobo. Took it out thinking that it might be the issue because they technically run off the same lanes. No change, still won’t get into bios.

Other hardware is Ryzen 7 5700G and Trident Z RAM.

Start with upgrading the BIOS using the flashback feature (doesn’t require the PC to post). Make sure you’re on the latest version which includes support for 5000 series processors.

Page 37 in the user guide

I haven’t been able to find the exact MOBO on the website for the new BIOS. Closest I’ve found is B550 Extreme4. If the Taichi Razor is based off the Extreme4, I suppose it’s safe but figured I’d ask you first. Never flashed a BIOS before.

If you’re not comfortable updating the BIOS you can always seek professional assistance. It’s pretty routine but there is always a slim risk of bricking your motherboard during the update.

Alright, now I just feel like an idiot because that was not showing up when I went into the mobo list for BIOS update. What a day.

Got on my phone to say (internet cable is busy installing OS on new comp noe) this was what the issue is. Simple problem, simple solution, but one I wasn’t aware of so wouldn’t have thought about. Thanks for the reply.

Glad to hear :+1:

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