Post-B5 *HUGE* iGPU improvement

Just wanted to mention that using an Intel iGPU for host graphics, until recently I’ve had to use LookingGlass B2. At some point, with post-B2 builds, various issues prevented me from using newer versions. Slow refresh, partial updates, tearing, etc. I tried literally everything to try to solve the issue. So I accepted I had to use B2 since it worked ok and moved on with life.

Now for the good news. It looks like some code merged shortly after B5 was released really improved things for iGPU host user(s), at least on this machine (Kubuntu 21.10, Intel 8700K, iGPU host + GTX1080 pass-thru guest VM).

In fact, for my usage it’s pretty much perfect. The full-screen Windows guest refreshes the Dell 3440x1440 60Hz monitor at 60Hz and almost never budges below that.

So, way to go guys! Congratulations to all of your hard work and thanks for your contributions.

It sure would be great to get a B6 with all this goodness baked in so everyone can more easily benefit from it. But I’m pretty happy camping out on this recent daily build until B6 is ready so its good either way.