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Nice blog post about nature of spacetime and few abstract ideas…

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China has mated same sex mice too see if it would work. Female worked, as it should because a woman is XX chromosomes. Male died a few days after birth. Males are XY chromosomes. They made a YY mice.



Light Transistors of the future - thread
Thanks to @Radio_God for the OP. There are interesting links in that thread. I am just linking the thread here for reference.


The Antikythera Mechanism
Most of you will probably know about this amazing piece of ancient Greek machinery. I am following this video series for a while now and I have learned a lot in the process. Also production quality is through the roof on this one:

also, here is a series on

Ancient Tool technology

It does not mean that this is exactly how machine work was done but it shows some of the viable options.

And if you didn’t know about the Anthikythera mechanism I would suggest to start here:


Photons tend to go whereever they want…

Electrons are more cooperative (or at least we understand how to guide their movement better right now).

Leakage of electrons is a big issue in transistors and many decades of refinement has gone into address containment of and efficiency of movement of (lowering resistance) electrons in semiconductors.

Then there is manufacture… you’d need a scalable/cheap per unit process to lay down complex switching networks that scaled to billions of gates… I saw a fair amount of work 20 years ago go into “photonic switching networks”, but they were not trying to handle a lot of “logic”, but rather forestall the conversion to electrons as long as possible in a router to allow light to bend/redirect/shift mechanically to accomplish “most” of the routing logic.

Now try to scale that to registers, ALUs, caches, etc… materials have to change their game…


Peryton radiation
Came across this article by Wendy Wippel called “Dude whats that sound”
I edited out some. The Abstract and her conclusion is almost cringworthy

“The telescope at this point has long been operated by scientists working remotely, with only a small support staff onsite. In 1998, the physicists that manned the Parkes Radio Telescope began to notice random interference in the normal signals from space, interference that seemed to be—possibly– relayed from deep space. Interference described as fleeting bursts of radio signals. Though not a predictable regular occurance, these anomalies persisted. Finally, convinced they had made an actual discovery of a new form of radio wave, they named their discovery after a mythical chimera half stag and half bird: the Peryton. It was high up at the time of scientific mysteries.”

“And then—finally, they with a little bit of earthbound research—found exactly where the mysterious perytons were coming from.
And like every good scientist does, they wrote their findings up for inclusion in a scientific journal.”

“Perytons are millisecond-duration transients of terrestrial origin, whose frequency-swept emission mimics the dispersion of an astrophysical pulse that has propagated through tenuous cold plasma. In fact, their similarity to FRB 010724 had previously cast a shadow over the interpretation of fast radio bursts, which otherwise appear to be of extragalactic origin. Until now, the physical origin of the dispersion-mimicking perytons had remained a mystery. We have identified strong out-of-band emission at 2.3(2.5 GHz) associated with several peryton events. Subsequent tests revealed that a peryton can be generated at 1.4 GHz when a microwave oven door is opened prematurely and the telescope is at an appropriate relative angle. Radio emission escaping from microwave ovens during the magnetron shut-down phase neatly explain all of the observed properties of the peryton signals.”

It was the microwaves at the Parkes radio telescope facility. Every time one of the few staff members there grabbed their hot pocket before the timer went off.

The peryton was actually, all these 17 years, was actually a microwave."

Secular links to this story:
I am sure some choice words were used :slight_smile:


Anisotropic conductive film (or paste)

ACF is an adhesive electrical interconnect that electrically connects opposing surfaces but does not conduct electricity parallel to said surfaces. This technology is commonly used in LCD manufacturing to connect electronic components to contacts on the display. To me this seems incredibly useful for hobby electronics projects to connect very small scale pads to each other.


Simple explanation:

I just now learned about this, I had now idea this existed and it is such a simple concept. Credit to the youtube channel Strange Parts for mentioning and explaining this simple but very useful technology that seems to be widely used in the electronics manufacturing industry.


This looks interesting…

Biofilm Lithography enables high-resolution cell patterning


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Active Interposers and multi die architectures

Interposers traditionally have been various substrates that include metal traces for additional signal routing space for CPUs, FPGAs or other highly integrated logic circuits. HBM2 and GPU dies for example are connected via a silicon interposer. Active interposers, meaning silicon interposers with logic on the die, can improve signal routing capability and add other functionality to save space on the compute dies.


related Video:

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Metal–organic framework

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You can measure how fast any star is spinning (and afterwards estimate its age since older stars spin more slowly) using the Doppler effect. You may have heard the terms “red shift” and “blue shift” used when describing whether a star is moving away from or toward us, respectively. You do this by looking at the spectral lines emitted from the star and measuring how far the wavelength deviates from what is expected. To measure how fast a star is spinning, you measure the width of the spectral line. The wider the line, the faster the star is spinning.


My latest ventures into the signal processing realm… Image restoration…

So Ill throw the link here


Password to link:

YES I wrote it… No its not a final draft its a rough draft after 37 hours no sleep… :stuck_out_tongue:

Note to the mischievous. I have banned most VPN’s… if you abuse my redirect URL or IP… I will ban you


The Kibble Balance and defining base units of measurements using physical constants

In honour of the recent redefinition of the SI.



Is a very small channel, no videos, just playlists
The Quantum Computing playlist had this as the first video

comment on top with almost 500 upvotes
“Will it run Minecraft?”
another comment
“Engineer: AI, are we alone in the universe?
AI: Not anymore.”

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Exploiting Correcting Codes: On the Effectiveness of ECC Memory Against Rowhammer Attacks

credit to @thevillageidiot in the Lounge



Activation of immune-inflammatory and oxidative-nitrosative (IO&NS) stress pathways plays a role in major depression (MDD). Evidence suggests that curcumin (500-1000 mg/day), a polyphenol with strong anti-IO&NS properties, may have efficacy either as monotherapy or as an adjunctive treatment for depression. Further controlled trials with extended treatment periods (> 8 weeks) and higher curcumin doses are warranted. This 12-week study was carried out to examine the effects of adjunctive curcumin for the treatment of MDD. In this double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 65 participants with MDD were randomized to receive either adjunctive curcumin (increasing dose from 500 to 1500 mg/day) or placebo for 12 weeks. Four weeks after the active treatment phase, a follow-up visit was conducted at week 16. Assessments of the primary, i.e., the Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale (MADRS), and secondary, i.e., the Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAM-A), outcome measures were rated at baseline and 2, 4, 8, 12, and 16 weeks later. Curcumin was more efficacious than placebo in improving MADRS scores with significant differences between curcumin and placebo emerging at weeks 12 and 16. The effects of curcumin were more pronounced in males compared to females. There were no statistically significant treatment-emerging adverse effects and no significant effects of curcumin on blood chemistry and ECG measurements. Adjunctive curcumin has significant antidepressant effects in participants with MDD as evidenced by significant benefits occurring 12 and 16 weeks after treatment initiation. Curcumin administration was safe and well-tolerated even when combined with antidepressants. Future trials should include treatment-by-sex interactions to examine putative antidepressant effects of immune-modifying compounds.


Curucumin makes for a powerful antidepressant

cool things

  • Curcumin is an maoi. Now even tho it is, it can be taken with an ssri. Which is different then with most maois . Mixing an maoi with an ssri can lead to seretonin syndrome which can lead to death.

  • no one dropped out of the study… well maybe someone did but it wasn’t included in the report. If no one did it would mean that Curcumin did not cause any bad side effects that were bad enough for someone to drop out of the test.

  • Curcumin is sexist and has better antidepressant results in men then in women.

A while back, I think in 2016 I took about 4 grams of turmeric, the spice that contains curcumin. Bruuuuh. I felt so calm and chilled out and clear headed. It was an amazing feeling. I only took it once tho. And I took it specifically for it’s anti anxiety effects and not for its antidepressant effects which is why I didn’t continually take it.

More info on Curcumin


Gödel's incompleteness theorems

The first incompleteness theorem states that no consistent system of axioms whose theorems can be listed by an effective procedure (i.e., an algorithm) is capable of proving all truths about the arithmetic of the natural numbers. For any such formal system, there will always be statements about the natural numbers that are true, but that are unprovable within the system. The second incompleteness theorem, an extension of the first, shows that the system cannot demonstrate its own consistency.



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A Unifying Theory of Dark Energy and Dark Matter

Paper is explained in this video better.

OPs videos…

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