Possibly selling a computer

I have a question, I really like just building computers, and I was wondering if anybody wanted one built. Is that a thing? do people have others that they don't really know build them one and then send it over? If so then tell me if you want one! I would not really charge anything cause it's my pleasure to build the computer. 

why would anyone trust you ?


Not to insult you, but I'm pretty sure that every one here is going to build their own. If you are really interested in building computers to sell, then I'd try selling them on Craiglist, but with realistic prices.

hahah I know that is probably what people are thinking, but I'm not a scammer, don't trust me if you don't want to XD, I was just wondering if people did that.

yah, that was what I was thinking, and also I'm not offended it's just people being smart and cautious.


yah, that's the problem, I was just wondering if people at least built brand new computers and put them on ebay or somthing cause I like building computers