Possibly dead, maybe saveable components

Recently, lightning struck my house and tore some stuff up, but also sorta fried my PC ://
The GPU doesn't work, fans don't spin a little bit on startup as they should, even though the LED for power is white (Strix 960), but nothing shows on the monitor.
Also, my mechanical HDD was fried I guess, because it doesn't appear to be spinning anymore.Plugging it into different sata ports has not worked. What do you all think? Also, reccomendations for a 1080p or 1440p GPU? Just names

After such an incident I would discard everything ! Damage will show immediately, but on other parts it will show later and WILL damage other parts.

did you have it directly plugged into the wall?

I would have thought the PSU would have taken the brunt of it

Some times it does, some times it doesn't. Have you tried those parts in another good computer? Only real way to save a comp from lightening is with a UPS system

Yes, but to my knowledge, it was turned off, as I was abroad

Don't have a another PC to test it on :(

I have absolutely no money for new PC parts, but maybe not everything is damaged(?)
(I know, I'm a super hopeful person)

@maxcat there are no type of burn marks on the components, only on the case. Right now, everything works without a hitch except the GPU and HDD, they don't work at all , like not even working

Honestly It may have got your PSU and its not supplying enough power to the MB. Only way to test is with another PSU. I would change that no matter what. Lightening is a lot of Volts and it stressed your PSU to the EXTREME (Have to say that in a Hulk Hogan voice) If New PSU doesnt boot up your system then I would say its a MB failure. only way to test is with other products unfortunately. Like said before if a Surge got into your computer the other items inside are not long for the world depending how far the surge went.

The surge went through my whole house, took out a TV, some satellite boxes, automatic gates for cars + struck a tree, so it might be that. It did power another HDD from the same SATA ports (power and data)

ALWAYS use power strips for everything in your house. lesson learned. you pay $100+ bucks for an item and not pay $10 for a powerstrip. unless you can solder and know how to read schismatics you have to claim it on your house/renters insurance. hopefully you added computer insurance(its a separate charge normally)

also if you arent using a powerstrip to charge your phone you are wrong

reguardless swap out the psu and m/b see it that's the prob

No ! I do understand ! I have been in Electronics all my life, and my father before me, and I can say without a doubt that any electronics involved in Lightning bursts are damaged beyond specific recognition of problems. No matter how you look at it, you will always, and this is a fact, have doubts and may be running in circles needlessly.
Personally I would rather buy used on ebay than take a chance with ANY such affected components.
More than that I believe you will spend more money on corrections and problem solving.
It is a piss-off, for sure, just do not let yourself be indirectly burned yourself. (both money and patience/health).
edit 1 = please note that power bars or power strips, ARE TOTALLY useless in that case !

I don't have another mobo to test with, only a PSU, but its wattage is 350W, which is too low for the 960, as it does not have a 6-pin pie-e plug and the "recommended" minimum wattage is 400 W. I can test the other components though.

you can probably still run the 960 with 350 just try it. people run a gtx780 w 450w and its rated for 600w PSU rec. just dont expect to game on it.

@maxcat well, I have absolutely no money and nop income other than my lunch money (I'm 16, so) other than my lunch money that I don't have, because it's summer break in Latvia and I don't need that much money. Only way I can get it is either via mowing lawns, which happenss once every two weeks or my parents get some insurance money for the losses (TVs and stuff are fucked up too)

@Ctrl_Null I'll try it, but the PSU seems fine, as it could power a different HDD with no porblems, but I'll see.

Do you have any test equipment that you can have access to, at least to make basic tests ?
Again, this is an opinion that fits 99.XX% , but there is that almost 1%..........
At this point, why not, others have suggested to try different things, at least if ever it does not work, you ll know there is realy nothing else to try !
And , the more I think of your situation.......I would try !
What I realy wanted you to understand, is if shit starts to happen do not mule yourself into making it flawless.