Possibly and awesome way to make old gameport devices work, need help

So, I have been on a great quest to make this old gravis joystick from the mid 90's work. I have pulled out the card from and old windows 98-xp machine, only to discover the difference between floppy cable and IDE/PATA. And I don't feel like buying a usb adapter, because I would love to do the awesome, out of the way method. I had the idea of using the gameport connector off this little card, and using some wire and some soldering to connect each pin to the respective part of a surrogate PC controller. I also have a GameCube controller adapter for both my Wii u and PC (they are made by mayflash sold on playasia, if any smashers have been looking for a wiiu GameCube controller adapter, is just a perfect clone of the Nintendo one.) So im also wondering if this idea might work with a GameCube controller as well.

According to this info I found on Wikipedia, it should be possible.So for example, I would connect the x + pin to the positive lead of the x direction inside the controller. And i'm guessing I might have to hook up the power leads from the USB cable to the power lead of the joystick also. So then. I would effectively have say, a button of the surrogate controller to a button on the joystick, so when i press either one, it would register to the controller board of the well, PC controller that the button was pressed, even if it was on my joystick. Also, if I actually use a nice controller, since i would just have a gameport plug somewhere on my controller, I could hook up any standard driver less game port device to it, and also use it as a normal controller.

So please, I need some person really good at electronics or at least just knows how this kind of stuff to tell me if this would work, and kinda give me advice on how exactly I would have to do it.

Also there are youtube videos back in the smash 4 3ds days of guys doing similar things with gamecube controllers and 3ds, so that provides some inspiration.

Thank you! I tried psoting on the ltt fourms for some reason......... bad idea i guess 210 people saw it, nobody said a word.....