Possible that USBs are being overloaded?

Okay so ever since I got this motherboard I have seemed to have issues with the USBs on it. All of my devices used to disconnect at once when I had my Wi-Fi adapter plugged in using a certain driver that was not an official one, I was not using the official one as for some reason it could not pick up 5GHz netwroks, anyway, I stopped using the driver as I managed to get decent signal on my 2.4GHz frequency and have had no disconnections since switching it over. until today, after I started using this app on my iPad call "twomonusb" which is like all of the other apps that allow you to use your iPad as a secondary display but this one sends all of the data over USB and not wifi, leading to much better performance on the ipad screen, anyway, the screen will work fine over usb when its sitting with just the desktop on it, but as soon as i do anything that even remotely uses more bandwidth, like watching a youtube video, it disconnects and seems to take down all of my other usb devices with it for a short period of time. 

could I be using all of the bandwidth on the bus?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

regards, AIMIWA95.

motherboard: ASUS M5A97 R2.0, 
running iPad 2 via USB 2.0 cable 

Did you allready tried to update your bios to the latest version?

Bios version 2501 Enhance compatibility with some USB device.

So i guess you could give it a try.