Possible problem with new ssd

I recently purchased a new ssd a Toshiba Q series 128g i formatted my computer because of other reasons and put windows 8.1 oem on the ssd and use my caviar black 1tb as a game storage drive. recently i have been getting a lot of programs that will not respond especially windows explorer i have re-installed my mobo drivers and gpu drivers but that does not help. when in game some games play fine and others will crash randomly especially payday 2 when that game crashes all running programs crash as well. could there be a software fix i do not see or is my ssd bad because i never had problems on my hdd. btw payday 2 and all of my games are on the hdd only windows and a few files are on the ssd.

p.s. possible related in the bottom left of my desktop back ground it says windows 8.1 SecureBoot isn't configured correctly Build 9600

I have had the pc since Nov. of 2013 with no problems please help! thank you in advance even if it does not work. 

How did you move your OS to the SSD?  Was it a full reinstall or a migration from backups?  Also is your SSD the first boot device in your BIOS?


  • Is this an issue that you have had from the start? Or did it start to occur after a certain program was installed?
  • Is your system oc'd, if so revert back to defaults.
  • Run Memtest86 to check that your memory is healthy.
  • Are you able to assess the ssd's speeds and use a error checking utility like HDTune.
One thing to try if you have the space on your hdd is make a partition large enough for your current os etc then copy (migrate) it to that new partition then boot off that. See if the fault continues if its all good you know it the ssd at fault. The Q series was toshiba's first range with the 19nm nand so Im guessing that there may be some initial bugs, who knows maybe yours is just a dud.

For that windows notification error head here for the update > http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2902864

Hope you get it sorted, would be very annoying.

1. yes from start but more after start is back was installed but yes.

2. idk what that means sorry :(

3. my memory/ram should not be at fault because it was working fine before the format

4. no how would i go about doing that

Thing to try: explanation or video link of how would be great i had not touched a computer for more than school work until Nov. 2013

 EDIT IMPORTANT!: when i first took the ssd out of the box i put it in my computer as just a normal hdd to see if it worked i put i video file on it and tried to play it and the program crashed i killed it in task manager and tried it again and it worked and thought nothing of it could that mean i have a defective ssd?

full format and re-install. yes

I'd RMA the unit. Does sound like its defective.

alright thank you for your help! :) RMA :( customer support :'(

just one way to be sure, create a small 50GB partition on your WD black, install windows on that, and see if you still have issues, just to determine if its the SSD.

if the issues are gone, you can RMA the SSD, the good thing is that you still can use the computer as long as your SSD is not returned. you can boot from your small partition,on the WD, if you get your SSD back, the only thing you need to do is install windows again on your ssd. and offcourse deleting the created small patition, again during the fresh windows to ssd install.