Possible New Stars Wars TV Series

Just found this.. Info here

It's interesting. I'm still gun-shy following anything 'new' with Star Wars after the prequels... I'm even MORE nervous now that J.J. Abrams has taken the helm! STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS WAS TERRIBLE!!!!

I agree just wanted to get the news out there..Never give up hope..They might get it right eventually..

I just plain love star wars. always have, always will. Im just glad we are getting more of it. Say what you will about the Abbrams Trek movies (i personally like them.. a lot lol) the fact is, he wasn't a trek fan. he IS a huge star wars fan though. and so are the people he has brought on to the team. so i am confident the new movie at LEAST be better than the prequels lol

that being said, Seth Green's show already has 39 completed episodes finished and ready. with like 60+ scripts just waiting. but it is being shelved till after episode 7 is released, i guess. Seems it was made before Disney acquired Star Wars, so things are a bit up in the air for now.


Here is the trailer if you guys haven't seen it.




Also if you get bored and want a laugh..Try Space Janitors

Link Here..22 episodes so far..

you act as if i haven't been subbed to geek and sundry since week 1 ;)

I love that show lol