Possible new motherboard?

I currently have the Asus M5A78L-M USB3 which judging by the price is nothing special.. i would like someone to reccomend me a good motherboard for gaming?? Just to point it out i know very little about computers which is why i'm on here trying to figure this out ;) 

I would preffer this didn't go over £100 ( $150) 

and if it matters i have an amd cpu 

The only motherboards I could find was an ATX motherboard that probably won't be compatable in your case. This meaning might you also need a new case. It's 110 USD on Newegg. Here's the link for it. I'm no expert either, but this is the best I could find.

Note: You will need a graphics card if you don't already have one, since this motherboard doesn't have onboard video. Since you're going to be gaming I assume you already have one.

I think your motherboard is fine for gaming but I could be wrong. You might just need a component upgrade such as RAM, CPU, or GPU(s). You should do more research on this before making a final decision.

Hang on a minute! You can't just ask us for a new motherboard without telling us what CPU you have..
How are supposed to find something that's compatible? 

Amd fx 8350

He was being vague about it but he did tell us his motherboard. I looked it up and it was AM3+ like most AMD CPU sockets.

Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0  6+2 powerphase and digi vrm.