Possible MOBO upgrade for Kill your console $350 build?

I am getting the parts for the $350 December 2013 Kill your console build. I was able to find an A10-6800K for $119 on Amazon


I have noticed some mentions about getting an FM2+ mobo rather than the FM2 for upgrading purposes in the future. Is this a legitimate concern? Will the A10-6800K work on the FM2+ socket?

If it's worth getting an FM2+ mobo, what are some options that will work with this hardware configuration? (prefer to keep price within $15-20 of the option listed on the video at $65.

This is my first build so pardon my ignorance in advance.



well if you can find a FM2+ mobo, that fits your budget i would personaly do it. Fm2+ board have a couple of feutures more.  and they have newer chipset if im right. ☺

Thanks for your response. I'm going to see if I can find an FM2+ in my price range.