Possible IOS 16 update causes hardware failure in some phones

I know nothing about IOS software, iPhone hardware and application software but this might be something juicy for someone on here.

I have been using a iPhone X 256gb for 5 years now. I am also a diabetic and use Libre 2 sensors and applications. The two have worked flawless until I updated the phone to iOS 16.
After the IOS update I started getting Apple Pay error saying that it couldn’t be used, (Phone needs to be restored) the Libre 2 application started acting up as well. (The app uses the NFC to scan the sensor attached to my body and Bluetooth for low and high glucose warnings.) I could scan my sensor once (NFC) but it would never scan the sensor again. I restored the phone 3 times, deleted and reinstalled the application multiple times.

So, I have been looking at the new iPhone 14 pro mainly for the new camera and find myself in the Apple Store. During the process of purchasing my new phone I need to use Apple Pay / NFC for the purchase process. I sat there for a good hour while they try to get it to work. Eventually they call in the big guns to check my phones hardware. Turns out the NFC is no longer working. (Hardware fault)!!

So, my question is.

  1. Did the IOS 16 update cause the NFC sensor to fail on my older iPhone X?
  2. Did the Libre 2 Application cause the failure in the new IOS 16 software?

I am not the only person having issues since the IOS 16 update. It appears it’s mainly “X” series of phones. Most people (Libre 2 users) are thinking it’s just a Libre 2 incompatibility software issue and not and actual hardware failure. I have been using the Libre 2 application with the new iPhone 14 Pro 16.0.2 without any issues.

Does anyone know of any other application that uses the NFC hardware that might have had the same issue in these phones? What happens if it turns out that the Apple update killed the hardware in these phones? I don’t know how a user would ever know. Of course being Apple a majority of folks will say that it was intentional act of Apple. I’m sure someone would say “if the application was written better”. I personally feel like the IOS update killed the NFC hardware because I immediately got the Apple Pay error after the update.

I have in the past had a iPad that completely bricked during a IOS update. I assumed it was a drive failure as it had never been updated (WiFi only). IDK.