Possible Fix on MSI infinite loop at boot?

So, this BF I bought a Asus GTX770, it arrives I wait about a week because of finals and all that, when I get home I install the card properly, per instructions and videos to double check but when I go to turn on my pc, (was off for about a week) it just wont boot up completely. All of the fans start and after about 5 seconds the computer shuts downs and does it exactly the same until I turn of the pSU at the back. I looked alot through the internet but most seem to think its a problem with the motherboard and I've tried alot of suggestions only need to remove cpu and inspect for damage but this should not be the case because it was working before and removing the board from the case and do a barebones start up.

MSI z77a-gd55

PSU corsair tx650 

No overclocks.

Does anyone have some idea as to why this happens or how to fix it? I'm running out of options and I think MSI RMA doesn't offer support to Puerto Rico. 


Would anyone suggest a good motherboard for a replacement if it comes down to it?