Possible first build-2nd part

Hello Everyone!

I have written a post on a possible build but I found out that my budget can go a bit higher.

I've done some research on an Intel-Nvidia build and on a AMD-Radeon build, possibly AMD-Nvidia.

The prices shown may vary, picked from Amazon.com and Newegg.com

Intel build:

Cpu: i5-4590 - $194.99

Mobo: Asus H97+ -$100.99

GPU: Asus Strix 960 - $209.99

Cpu cooler: Hyper 212 EVO- $33.28

PSU: Corsair CX 600 W modular - $59.99

Ram: Hyper Fury X 2x4Gb - $68.99

HDD: WD blue 1 tb - $54.99

Case: Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 -$97.48

TOTAL: $820.70

AMD build:

Cpu: FX-6300 6 core - $99.99

Mobo: MSI 970 2133 - $104.99

GPU: Gigabyte R9 280 -$219.99

Cpu cooler: Corsair H100i - $89.99

PSU: Corsair CX 750 modular - $ 79.99

RAM: Hyper Fury X 2x4gb - $68.99

HDD: WD blue 1 tb - $54.99

Case: Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 - $ 97.48

TOTAL: $811.31

Which one do you guys think is better? what should be changed according to your knowlegde? Always staying under the $850 mark excluding OS I will probably install Windows 7 as that was a gift.

Thank you!

I would go with the Intel build if you're just gaming, if you decide to stream or do multiple things like editing or streaming, the amd might be better, the corsair h100i is pretty loud cooler so i would suggest a different cooler. the intel build's video card may not be exactly the best card for continued use of gaming down the road compared to the R9 280, but I don't think 1080p gaming uses that much more vram with how much those video cards could compute at a reasonable framerate.

If you go AMD, I would strongly recommend that you get a 990fx series motherboard. In addition, I would go with an FX-6350 if it does not cost too much more. The 6350 is considerably better at gaming and in general is a better CPU. 

Also, the new GTX-960 looks awesome. I would recommend going FX-6350, a 990fx motherboard, and a 960.

I would strongly advise against a 960. Get an R9 280, 285 or 280X. They are all less money than the 960 and faster (especially at higher resolutions and with filters and other goodies) the 280 and 280X also have more VRAM.

Or for $20 more than the 960 you can get an R9 290. Which will stomp it. The 960 is poop.

The 6350 is not in any way significantly better at gaming or better in general than a 6300.... It is the same part. The 6350 just as a slightly higher clock speed. Nothing revolutionary. A little bit of OCing on a 6300 can easily push it to 6350 speeds or higher.

A decent 970 board is fine for a 6 core. The 8 cores need a 990FX.

Hey Joshman123123

I would not do much more than gaming and probably using CAD, I just want a decent pc that will game without problems at even medium settings.

Yes is doesn't seem I'm going to do much with it but I don't want a pc that will be poop in a couple of years example...my laptop... thanks for your thoughts!

Hey DerKrieger

I was looking into the R9 280 but I see that the clocks are a bit lower than the strix 960, also I see the R9 280 and the x version right now on amazon are selling at $244... However my friend told me to look into refurbished ones as he purchased a fully working R9 290x refurbished for about 50-60 $ less.

I'll look into the R9 280x as it looks like a very good competitor!

Thanks for your thoughts and opinions

I think you are right as a little OC won't hurt.

Do AMD CPU's create more heat while OC? would a 212 EVO be enough?

8 cores sounds a lot for me as I won't be using that, but for the price why not?

All components make more heat when you OC them but a Hyper 212 is good enough for moderate overclocks. 

If you are just gaming you don't really need the 8 core. Most games can't take advantage of that many cores anyway. However, for productivity, video editing and streaming they really help out. 

There is more to performance than just clock speeds.

Also what? That is way too expensive for those GPUs... Are those prices in USD? 



I'd go with the R9 290. 

I will study and read about clock speeds :) so I will understand what they mean thank you! And yes those were US $ on Amazon, i never looked on Newegg, I looked at the links you have posted and those prices are way lower, wowl really considering the 290! Thanks for the links!

I understand, and I heard good things about the Hyper 212, being quiet and efficient. Do you think the AMD CPU's with 6-8 cores are overkill BUT kind of fuguri proof?