Possible Colab opportunity?

On one hand, he JUST got a new system. On the other hand, you and he both love educating people. Titans of CNC I mean. On Youtube. He’s an american-based CNC Manufacturing shop that builds parts for Boeing, SpaceX, and other large areospace companies. Now that he’s in Dallas, probably oil and gas too, if they’re willing to pay him. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, he recently got a new system for running Mastercam workflows faster because they have some really intense/complex toolpaths. But they went with 10th gen Intel instead of Threadripper and the big unknown to me is whether single-core performance matters more or less in the sorts of toolpaths they are making.

Most Youtubers want that holy grail of ‘what does professional work actually need so we can review CPUs for you.’ and working with Titan to get realistic Mastercam files for generating toolpaths could be a good way to start chipping away at this segment. I mentioned you guys in their youtube comments, but it doesn’t hurt to make both sides aware of each other, right? :slight_smile:

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