Positive pressure or Negative pressure?

So I just built a pc inside the fractal arc midi r2 and it comes with 3 fans. They are mounted 2 in the back one in the front creating a negative pressure in the case. I moved one to the front because I was thinking that a positive pressure would be better for keeping dust out. There is dust filters but there i also a hole in the bottom of the front panel that would let dust through. Which is better for cooling though?

Here is my build btw http://pcpartpicker.com/user/smokerising/saved/3Oyv except i got patriot viper 3 black mamba ram because it was on sale for the same price as the balistic sport but runs 1866.

Personally, I always go for positive pressure. Dust is a major pain, and can cause cooling fans to die prematurely. There also shouldn't be a difference in cooling performance, especially if the upper vents remain clear of obstructions for convection, but that really depends on how your set up.

you want positive, i think the reasoning is that there's more air to carry away the heat.

If it was a smaller build, or a build with several non-blower design graphics cards, I'd say negative would be your best option, so you could get heat out fast. But, yeah, I'd say positive pressure is your best option here. There's not much to worry about though, the arc midi is large enough to where cooling performance won't be affected too much either way, only dust.

Personally, I prefer more airflow over worrying about pressure, however I go negative if ever possible, with dust filters on the intakes. I dust regularly and thoroughly with an air compressor I picked up at Home Depot for 80 bucks, so the whole "dust cant settle with positive pressure" is a moot point in my case. No pun intended.

I wasn't saying that dust can settle with positive pressure but that with negative pressure more air can be getting pulled through the handle thats at the bottom of the front of the case. This handle is for pulling off the plastic front and doesn't have an air filter on it


I was referring to other points of view where positive pressure reduces dust being able to settle, not your specific situation per se.

Basically, if you clean your case frequently and regularly with compressed air, the Fuze prefers airflow, and in some situations, the best airflow (and performance) may require a negative pressure set up. However, if you don't want to clean your case and components (though you still have to clean the dust filters), positive air pressure is the way to go.

IMHO, the best way to keep dust out of your case (other than cleaning it regularly) is to keep the area around your computer clean. I have noticed that when I kept my computer in a corner of the floor between the wall and my desk my computer filled with dust in no time. When I keep my computer on top of my desk where I clean around it very regularly dust builds up MUCH slower.

Precisely. I've found that limiting the intake to one area of the case, and controlling that intake with a dust filter to be the best way to go, especially if you regularly maintenance your rig, which you should be doing anyway. Negative pressure also helps pull air through the intake, so it's a bit better for airflow overall. I believe positive pressure to be good if you have a very open, very mesh oriented case, such as the Lanboy from Antec. You'd point all the fans inward on that thing and the air would find its way out elsewhere, awesome air cooling temps.

That is like right on the edge of the table, and at ear height..... Each to their own I guess...

I've got mine about 2 feet away from my head, and it's pretty silent, as well as not having any lights, it's like a black cube sitting on the table.

Well, my computer is pretty quiet (about as loud as an xbox 360 slim). If you are using an H100 with stock fans running at full speed, then yeah this may be a less than desirable situation. As for being at the edge of the table by desk is pretty deep and has a place designed to seat a printer so a put my system there. No danger of knocking it over unless it is intentional.

I agree, I vaccum with a hand vacum 3-4 times a week. I still get dust, but it's nowhere near as bad as it would be with skin cells and cat hair.

For my case and environment, negative pressure is better. Sometimes, having the hot air removed from the case provides better cooling for components than jamming in more air.

I don't claim to know any real information but my old Dell XPS 8300 only had 1 case fan.... and it was at the rear.

I would like to think Dell knows enough about desktop PC builds to think that negative pressure was a better idea then positive.