POSITIVE EXPERIENCE - 3DConnexion (mouse/mice) and an unusual support request

Just a quick one.

My scroll mouse was mucking around, here’s the description I submitted to support:

“When using the scroll wheel, it does not correspond with the movement on the screen, whether zooming in and out or scrolling down a page. On some occasions, it performs the reverse action of what is intended.”

Had a 3 year warranty 2 years into it, but may not have used for a year) and just got a message to say they’ll be sending me a brand new unit.

Rather strangely though, and not exactly environmentally friendly, they require me to cut the USB plug off and dispose of it. If I don’t send proof of this, they’ll charge me for the replacement unit.

I’m actually going to send it to them at my own cost, because I think it’s important they look into the reason for why it occurs. I don’t want to be writing to them every year or two with the same complaint, or re-buying the unit.

For anyone bored enough, here’s where I posted about the issue on the 3dConnexion forum: SCROLL MOUSE issue with CADMouse possibly resolved through disassembly - 3Dconnexion Forum

It’s a real shame because it’s a superbly comfortable mouse, best I’ve ever had, especially for my work (CAD/3D).

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