Portion of Thief 4 trailer leaked

Thi4f (or thifourf)'s 3D CGI trailer got a tiny bit of a leak. You can check it out here.


With the guys who made Deus Ex 3 behind it, I'm extremely skeptical.  A lot of DX3's designs (reuse of assets like vents and flat, boring levels with light exploration and the non-linearity usually being vents) has me doubtful they can handle a Thief game. Especially with the confirmation that 'takedowns' (what I assume to be like DX3's obnoxious cutscenes) are present in the game, and with talks of Thifourf being 'more than just stealth'.

Thief should exclusively be stealth. This taffer isn't pleased.


Well, I've never played any of the thief games, but the trailer looks pretty cool at least. Just by looking at the trailer though, it looks like a game that needs to be 100% stealth.

I'll still play it either way. As long as it isn't like Deadly Shadows I'll be happy.

Thief is pretty much a hardcore stealth, steampunk fantasy game where stealth is the only option. The levels are massive (think 5 times the size of a half-life 1 chapter, each level was about that big), with multiple routes, objectives and the best stealth gameplay that's ever existed.

The worry is that it'll be 'more than just stealth' as the developers have implied. Which is the completely wrong direction for a Thief game to take.



You should try the first two. Gold & The Metal Age. They are on both GoG and Steam.