Portable PC Games

Hey guys! I came up with a project for my school to support the child's play charity, which is making a LAN party. However, I have some restrictions I have to follow:

1. Games can be played on LAN

2. Have to run off a USB.

3. Can't require another install (Java pre-installed, but not directx11 or 10 i presume)


Games that I have so far:

Quake (1-3)


Emulators (Project 64)


 Need for Speed Underground (W/ Lan hack)

Any Comments/Suggestions would be nice. Thank you in advance!

Doom 1 & 2

unreal tournament 2k4

battle field 1

Super mario Kart netplay

Mario Kart 64 netplay

Starcraft 1 

Sins of A Solar Empire