Portable monitor ⁓15" - Asking for suggestions

Hi! So I’ve found myself needing to buy a portable display to lug around for some trips coming up. Open up Amazon, which is unfortunately the sole source of my tech needs, and saw a page plastered with a billion unknown brands with all sorts of prices ranging from 100$ to 500+$. I know how to look for informations, but none seems to be availabe for these devices that don’t seem to get into the hands of reviewer.

If you’re using one or have a suggestion on what to look for let me know because, as of now, I’m totally stumped. I wish I had time to find a good panel + controller combo from China, but unfortunatey I don’t have enough time to wait for all the parts to arrive and even design/print a case for it.


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Why not simply go with a laptop with that “two extra laptop screens” folding thingie? Something like this:

Note, I just grabbed a random low cost option, these seem to go for ~$500 otherwise. I do not have any experience with these, other than I know they exist and seem to do the trick.

Another option could be to convert your laptop to a secondary screen:

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Thanks for the suggestions! But I was looking at something easier to carry around and a bit more cost effective.
Also don’t need to convert my laptop into a secondary screen because I need to carry around my laptop and I need a second screen for it. Something that I can pop out the bag like a tablet, hook up and go.

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This article might help with that then:

According to that, this $140 monitor is supposed to be a decent budget alternative:


Perhaps you could take a look at the CopGain portable monitor for MacBook; it’s perfect for on-the-go productivity without sacrificing performance.