Portable-ish headphones for HOT weather

Looking for a set of music + gaming headphones which I could wear in like 95F / 35C heat, for 12 hours straight, and be compact enough to carry with me to LAN parties etc.

It also needs to sound balanced, maybe a bit punchy or a tad warm, but not too distorted.

The AKG 518DJ to 650 range are a good example (also price wise ($50-$150)), tried them, liked them, but they have 2 cables which are non-detachable - dealbraker (cables break fast). The AKG Y50 seem cheap/crappy.

I also want to ask:
Closed-back and on-ear headphones OR open-back around-ear headphones?

Things I already have:
- In-ear earbuds (not what I'm asking for here)
- Closed-back Studio around-ear monitors (hot)
- Other semi-open crappy hot headphones

I don't have any stores around me that let me test too many headphones so I need your help.

For hot weather I cant stress enough - you NEED velour pads. Pleather/Leatherette will be a nightmare.

If a detachable cable is a must, (depending prices of course) AKG massdrop edition, ATH-M50x with velour pads, ATH-AD500x with detatchable cable mod, AKG-K612, Used Fostex T50-RP Mk3 V1

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Never owned velour pads. Definitely have to try. Sceptical since anything around-the-ear and closed back looks to me like it traps air. Ear pads are thick, no matter what they're made of.

Well I have a pair of AKG K712 pro's and I live in Australia - we regularly get weather hotter than 100F so I can assure you velour pads are as good as its going to get. Will they hold more heat than on-ear ? Sure - but you arent going to be able to wear on ear headphones for 12 hours. I used to have leatherette ear pads on my M50's and they were ok but the velour pads on the 712's are WAAAAAYYY cooler

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Open back, neutral, over ear, detachable cable (proprietary connectors on both sides though), velour pads, comfy.
Sennheiser HD600/650. Still my favorite pair of cans for music. I have the 650s.
Cheaper and not as well built but also pretty good sound: Philips SHP9500

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Just go straight 80s man. Who needs headphones, carry this bad boy like a BOSS.

Also, I actually think on-ear open back headphones would work best, and I agree some kind of cloth rather than leather would be ideal. I was eyeing the Hifiman S series earlier today, they may work (not cloth but I can't think of any that are stock cloth anyway).

That boombox is dope as fuck! I'm adding it to my wallpapers folder

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