Portable gaming consoles

Iwas on youtube looking on how to build a PC, when i saw this


That's right, a portable Xbox 360 laptop. your thoughts?

That is pretty cool, not sure about reliability but I would be interested in one if I had the money.

I could get a Razer Edge Pro 256GB for less. Anyone want to tell how us it performs?

i'd rather get an xbox and buy a screen n' tape em together than pay another 1500 smackeroos for that


I built one with an old xbox, Built into an old leather bound book cover. Too bad its got red ring of death. Never got round to fixing it. To be honest, Its not real portable as the power requirment is just too high, 15 min on a standard desktop replacement laptop battery. Better off with a high end android tablet/phone or windows tablet, install emulators. You can play games from consoles like the ps1 and older.

Old news.... and good luck with RROD :)

For portable gaming, I got a 3DS myself, ironically I play it a lot at home as well... Fire Emblem, Resident Evil Revelations, and Mario Kart are serious business... also a shitload more games... then there is eshop games... You know what, if you want to play games on the go, get a 3DS, there are so many good games already it's insane.

Then there is Luigi's Mansion and- okay, I should stop it now.