Portable Build

Hey all,

I will be going to school overseas for a semester, and would like to have a gaming rig over there. However, my full tower certainly won't be coming with me. I thought about a laptop, and while a Razer Blade Pro looks really beautiful and convenient, it's not really cost efficient for me.

So I was looking into the Colugo build Logan put up, and decided something like that would be perfect. That Lian-Li case is pretty small, as well as the parts in there.

I will probably be sticking to that model, trying to save a buck here and there (I probably don't need 16GB RAM to start). So if anyone has any suggestions or similar builds I could look into, I would be obliged to hear a thing or two.

The other thing to look into are the peripherals that I can take with me. I can manage taking the keyboard and mouse I already have; it's the monitor that concerns me. I'm not sure what I can do about taking a monitor with me.

Any advice on the build or a monitor (or anything else I may have neglected) would be great! Price range would be anywhere under $1000.

Rock on, PC gamers


Not to undo all the work that has been done here... But I have just been introduced to laptops that are much more affordable than I thought. http://shopap.lenovo.com/vn/en/laptops/ideapad/y-series/y480/#techspecs

This thing is about $600. It certainly isn't top of the top notch by any means, but it looks like it will play the games I play. 

My new goal is to try and get a portable build in the $600-700 range that would be vastly superior to that Lenovo. If I can't, I will just go for the laptop.

Well just trim the parts list from Logans -

Drop down to 8gb ram (cheap 2x4 kit), use the stock cpu cooler, you could even scale back the case to something like the CoolerMaster 130 (more room & easily fits long gpus). Depends what you like I guess. Plus the handle of that case is such a bloody good idea. There is even the option to leave out the ssd and hdd and grab a ssd/hdd hybrid drive like this - http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=210_902_1205&zenid=38a8c7dd58eb7ba23bce4082e377ca84

You could also go the apu route (6800k + fast ram & decent board), will be well below the performance levels of Logan's gtx760 build though.

As for running a monitor - just borrow a HD tv over there or buy a monitor and sell it before you leave. I wouldnt advise carting one around the countryside.

Good thought on the display. I do have some hefty trunks to bring and I could bundle one in there, but I agree that I would rather not bring one around.

I do like the case Logan used (yeah, that handle), at least much better than most that size. Still browsing on that front though.

I'm not too concerned with RAM or storage. I've gotten by so far without an SSD myself, and yeah, RAM I could even probably go down to 4GB if I really wanted to cut costs.

I've only just started looking into APUs actually. I know they can play most games on lower settings, which is fine by me, but I think I might like a little more power later. So, I think that's the real place I need to make a decision. I haven't seen any other GPUs quite like the one he used either. I found a small Asus 670, which may fit (need to do a little more research there). And the only other thing would be looking into finding a mini itx mobo that would fit an AMD CPU, if I decided to go that route. I can't seem to find any that support the AM3+, so I would really need to go down in processing power.

this would be a good build if you are not gona OC your CPU :) http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2qsYo


im planning to do the same thing. I came up with this but no one has said anything on my thread. I have the HDD and RAM so I didn't include them. 

I'm just getting the blank parts list. Could you save your design and share the link again, please? Or just share the permalink.

I do really like the Node. I can cut a few corners off this build too, so it seems pretty cost efficient. Thanks for sharing!

that looks rly good :)

http://www.instructables.com/id/Mounting-Monitor-to-Computer-Case/ awesome mod 

That's awesome! Good find. Not really practical for my purposes. But would be a fun thing to try when I return to the States.


see if this works

I see it. Do you think the stock cooler will be sufficient? Normally, it would be fine, I'm just concerned that the tight space would need a little more cooling.

Other than that it looks solid. I can get storage and RAM pretty easily myself.

I guess if youre not OC you'll be fine. I'll tell you what though, that lil case will pack a punch. Do you think i should build this or get a gaming laptop?  

edit: I meant to idk if its enough power from the psu

That PSU should be able to handle it all and nonstock cooler. If that was where you were going with that.

As for whether you should go with this or a laptop... It might have to be about price at that point. Laptops are going to run you potentially twice this build. I'm definitely a little torn too. Having a nice gaming laptop would be convenient even while in the country. It has its own display and is meant to be portable; I just can't muster the budget for the power I would want in a laptop.

Another thing to consider is what you'll be doing over there. If you're going to be in one spot for a decent amount of time, it wouldn't hurt to build the machine. Otherwise, if you're moving on a weekly basis, maybe the laptop would be better.

You could always do this 


I was researching some laptop GPU's and once you hit the laptops with a 770m you get into the 1,200 range. Which the gtx 770m is equivalent to a gtx 660 :/. these little mobile GPU's are expensive and you can't even play on ultra. Also the good side I see of building this is that I still can sell my 7850 n Z77 mobo with the i3 2120 that I have on it. Hopefully this Athlon x4 760k can play BF4 since that game demands a quad core. 

I don't think that gpu would fit in that little case and besides im not rich 

If you want to make sure that u can play bf4 with ultra at  over 60 fps, this build would be perfect, and would last with you, if you are not into overclocking your CPU. The GPU is factory OC:d but it is very overclockable even after that, and 500W should be enough for a slight GPU OC :) http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2qsYo

But, if that is out of your budget, you could save off by cutting the GPU to something like a R9 270/270X or a GTX 760 (would prefer 270/270X due to better price/performance ratio, and AMD's MANTLE, wich would really boost the performance). Also, you can make the build without the SSD, wich would lower the price quite a bit. And there are also alternaitve ways of getting windows...

Here would be a good choice if u want to get a good system to play bf4 at ultra with 30-60 fps 1080p, with a low cost, but portable http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2qTYT

I hope it helps :)

I would say go with a Hadron Air for your case. Its slightly bigger length the the li-lian wise but that allows for you to use a full GPU card. Plus it comes with a flat PSU and plenty of airflow.

Here is my ITX build with the Hadron case. Right now the total is $1063.79


but for someone with a tight budget, the hadron is quite expensive, and he could get the same performance u are getting with a 250$ lower price tag, and with 1k$ he could get way better performance than u do :)