Port Forwording

For some reason None of my ports are forwording. I've been trying on 3 routers now. No luck. I know it's going to the right IP, right ports, right everything. I've allowed the ports in my firewall too. I've beenn trying to forword port 200 or any port for that matter.
I'm using Win7 64 bit.
The routers I've used is wnr1000v2-vc, att nvg510, and Asus RT-N56U.
I don't know if I'm just a dumbass or there is something wrong.
All the firmware is updated.
Can anyone help me out?

try port 2000.  what are you trying to forward?

Dark Comet. I'll try that port.

also check the local windows firewall rules to make sure it isn't blocking


What you mean? I already enabled those ports in my firewall.
Oh, and port 2000 did not work.


do you have norton or any antivirus thing?

All I have is Malwarebytes.