Port forward to VM on win 7

Good Day

I am shure this is an easy one for some but I am just lost. So today i installed VMware I got it up and running fine with the software Perforce. On my local computer that the VM is installed I can access the service vea the ipv4 it gives "", so the service is running fine. Now where I am having the issue is getting outside connections to this VM at the stated local ip, oh and the port is 1666. I am wondering a few simple things do I need to put in a windows firewall exception when I am port forwarding from my router to the VM. I am using the bridged connection settings on VMware. I also have a static IP through my ISP, and my router is a tp-link 300m wireless N Gigabit router. My last question is can my router see this ip address or do I need to change more settings.

If I left any thing out or I did not explain the issue enough please let me know what else I need to provide.

I don't VM very much but if I recall correctly the port forward will only work for your physical machine because there is only one physical IP and MAC address. I could be completely wrong about this though. I've always had trouble with virtual NICs.

As it goes from the outside WAN to the VM, here are the steps in the chain and the things you will hit.

WAN -> Gateway and Firewall -> LAN -> Host and its Firewall -> VM and its Firewall

Your likely issue is at the host machines firewall, check that it isn't blocking the desired port. Providing that the VM has an IP that is within the subnet of your LAN then all should be good from there.

Thank you for the replys I will try it now and update.

ok no that helped a lot I can now see that the router does see the VM as its own IP. Those steps got me to the point I needed to be to direct those inbound connections.

omfg I love you. I'm saving that to memory. Seeing it visually has helped me too.

Since you have it in bridged mode the LAN sees the vm as just another computer, so you need to forward that port from the router directly to the vm's ip address. also what zang said.