Port Destiny to PC Petition

I need all the help I can get with this, so I took it upon myself to create such a petition due to all the sad posts PC Gamer, and  PCGamesN makes on twitter. It's up to you know, if you guys know Activision's or Bungie's Contact email let me know so they recivie this petition as well. I can make change to the description if you think something should be added. 

Thank You.


Here's why this won't work

  1. It's change.org
  2. Bungie needs all the money they can get, and I'm sure distributors are more likely to get them more money than them porting to PC for a dramatically smaller niche market
  3. Porting to PC by demand is generally a terrible situation, example GTAIV and presumably what GTAV will be like, and those have budgets that dwarf this game and likely any and all profits from it.

So, count me out of expecting a decently playable port. 

What's so good about Destiny anyway ? I've never looked into it, I've never been into Halo series I only know that Halo 1 was the best of them.

We'll get something like GTAIV or Dark Souls. But at least those 2 were mod friendly to some extent. And there is no guarantee that Destiny will be.

But if people accept that then by all means go sight it.

Sorry but I won't encourage bad ports so count me out as well.

Since when is the PC a small niche market? Doesn't steam have equivalent user figure to either last gen console and wipes the floor with next gen in terms of users - consoles sold.

Also hasn't it just been announced that PC games make more money than console games?

Looking at the statistics they certainly do not suggest PC is a "niche" market . I believe at last count steam had over 75 million "active" users and that's just steam, there are people out there that do not use steam to play games. In terms of Xbox 360 console sales are just under 76 million. The PS3 i believe at last count sold around 77 million consoles, when u look at "next gen" consoles they are yet to break 10 million each with the PS4 at last count on 7 million sold and Xbox one at 5 Million shipped to retailers

So i certainly wouldn't call us a niche platform my friend.

Watchdogs wasn't going to be on PC until a petition was signed and now it will port to PC with all the others.

Meh I will pass on Destiny. Bungie's last gasp was Halo: Reach, and that game lost its shimmer rather quickly. I think they realized that after Halo 3 they would never have another 'super hype' game again and they decided then they were done. Anything they put out now will be a shell of their previous games, since most of their staff now works at 343 industries.

Extra note, Watchdogs was going to be on PC before that petition, they were just withholding information. Ubisoft has released nearly all their games on PC, why wouldn't they put watchdogs on PC too?

EA released about a year ago that Origin sales were about equal to PS3 and 360 in terms of money not units sold.

And Steam doesn't reveal their numbers but I'm sure that it's quite huge.

And since Destiny comes out on PS3, PS4, 360 and xbone so if it would come out on PC the sales numbers would beat all consoles individually.

If anything that was a pretty well done publicity move by Ubisoft. it had a very nice viral marketing effect. There was very little chance that they were not making PC version of watchdogs.

Not likely. Even if someone somehow convinces them to do it, its only gonna be done for additional profit.
 If it wasn't designed with the pc in mind from the start its just gonna result in a crappy port.

And don't think that when a petition is signed (by however many people) the developers have to do anything.


You'd have better luck waiting for The Division.

The thing with Destiny, is that Bungie has made a Game that is a Landmark in Console Shooters, HALO whether you like it or not it is a definite landmark in Console Gaming and probably one of the few console shooters that actually TOOK Skill to play. Bungie has not been so friendly with PC gaming due to them being tied down to Microsoft at least at the time., we only saw Halo 1 and Halo 2 on PC and lets be real with ourselves how often did you even look at that game compared to Counterstrike or Battlefield, it would be wise if Bungie brought the game to PC NOW, since its starting to get more and more popular due to the distaste of this so called "Console wars", but its probably not going to do so well on PC, People have high expectations for destiny because of their halo franchise and how excellent it was. but to be honest the only reason i see them not porting it to PC is because of Activision, i'm mean come on when was the last time you heard Activision do well in the PC market? Call of duty couldn't touch battlefield or counterstrike and to be honest I don't think Destiny will surpass any popular PC Shooter.


I'm not saying that PC is a niche market at all.

I'm saying that Halo fans, which is the majority of the aim for this release, are majorly on console. Even though there was a massive Halo community during CE and 2, prior to Bungie/Microsoft killed the PC support for the series, many of those players have either gone to console or have moved on.

Yeah, there'd be sales waiting for them, but I just don't think they're going to think that going to PC after developing the game very tightly for a console audience would fair good as an end user.

I'm glad that Watch_Dogs is getting PC support after that petition, but I still fear GTA IV syndrome. Where the game isn't a fair experience for the game, in that it is a quick port to PC rather than ported with care for PC.

I have a change.org petition I wish  you all to sign as well. To find it simply google "change.org make Toyota start producing the Ford Mustang and make it like around $5000 cheaper. "