Port 2 USB not functioning - Display Port 1.4 KVM Switch - Single Monitor SQ8535421

I am having an issue with the usb working on port 2 of the KVM, If i unplug the Type B and move it to Port 1 and the display Port Cable, everything is functioning as expected, If I move both the Type B and the Display Port to Port 2 The monitor functions but the Keyboard and Mouse do not function.

This is the only activity I am doing (no other cables no software/hardware changes anywhere else).

Any ideas?

Additional Notes:

  • The Port 2 Type-B cable has never been unplugged since I got this device (until this testing)
  • There has been no pops/smoke

I woke up this morning (plugged the Type-A connector into a Plugable Thunderbolt Hub for my Laptop) and the keyboard and mouse weren’t working, eventually after a lot of debugging and cable switching out I tested moving from Port 2 to Port 1 on the KVM and saw it work immediately, I switched back to Port 2 and nothing worked. This was tested 3 times, to verify the cause.

Discussed with Wendell and shipped the product back for RMA, i’ll follow up with what I can share.

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