Porcupine Tree Music Video Project

Here is a music video I made for my senior project at university.  The track is Sleep Of No Dreaming by Porcupine Tree and I was heavily influenced by surrealistic works.  Part of the purpose of my project was to use research to complete it so I researched surrealistic art/film to gain inspiration.  Would like to see what anyone on here thinks of it.  Feedback is appreciated!  Thanks!


Nice video. I miss a "visual" story, though. The scenes are nice but a bit to repetitive. The video could have been 2 min long without the music, if you know what I mean. :)

In some ways that was the point. I based it around dream logic, which is not a complete narrative but a group of disconnected ideas that together make one thing. The video was based on ideas presented by the silent film Un Chien Andalou and other surrealistic works for the research aspect of the project. 

Thanks for the feedback, though! It's appreciated!