Pop up ads/malware/virus

Hey there,

Not sure were the appropriate  place is to post this, new  to forums or if this kind of thing is allow. Sorry if it isn't :/

I have a problem with pop-up ads, i would say i am quite competent with computers, so i don't see it being  something i have downloaded causing this to happen, after complete scans from Avast and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware nothing turns up, typically when i have seen these kind of things on other devices it has been something in the registry, extensions for web browsers or a program that is installed, none of which apply to myself. I decided to just format my PC due to the fact i couldn't find a way to fix it, yet even after that it still keeps happening, as soon as i started using chrome again. 

So far it seems to affect Chrome, Firefox and the browser  in steam.

I live in a house with 4 other people, we are all connected to the same network, so what i am curious about is it possible for malware to transfer over the network, especially so  quickly after formatting PC? Is it possible that such a thing could infect the router?

Cheers for the help in advance, if anyone is able to help me.

Have you tried AdBlock and Ghostery?

I do  have Adblock, but that will stop ads from sites that have those kind of pop up ads. Sites like microsoft and such and even this shouldn't open a new tab with an ad for some fast way to make cash. Unless i am mistaken on how they work ? :/ I'll check out Ghostery though.


I would suggest turning file sharing off and just have a shared public folder.  I would also recommend running two utilities, JRT (Junkware Removal Tool) and AdwCleaner.  They can both be downloaded from Bleepingcomputer.com, here are the links: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/junkware-removal-tool/ & http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/adwcleaner/.  Please let us know how you get on.

Check your browser's plugins. I've seen a few times that bad plugins like to sneak their way in, and cause popups and other ad things on web pages. Adblock wont block a plugin.

i did this type of clean up for people at a computer store where i used to work on a daily basis. I still need to every once in a while. Here is my general step-by-step. (obviously some stuff wont apply but this is for any situation)
"I think i may have ___ malware or _____ virus."

1.) First thing i do is reboot the PC into SAFE MODE or DIAGNOSTIC MODE - this will ensure the lowest number of services and processes running in the background to make things easier.

2.) I manually delete the contents of all TEMP folders, and I look in Program Files, Program Files(x86), and in C:\Users\"username"\AppData\Local  and Roaming and Local Low (these are Hidden Folders so you will need to reveal hidden folders in the folder options. If you do not know how to do this. stop here and take your PC to someone to have this done.) In each location I look for any folders or files with names I do not recognize - use a Google search to verify anything you are unsure about. Conduit likes to hang out here and is a know Malware and browser hijacker.

3.) Use a uninstaller like Wise Uninstaller or IOBit Uninstaller to remove anything that you do not recognize or do not want that is installed on your PC. Once Complete let the program do it's "DEEP SCAN" or whatever the program calls the equivalent action.

3.a) Use HiJack This the look for BHO's and anything labeled with (missing file.) Pay close attention to the items in this list, it is very easy to delete the wrong thing.

   Restart the PC. Remain in SAFE MODE

4. Still in SAFE MODE now run MalwareBytes and eliminate anything it finds. Also run the virus scan of your choice. Microsoft Security Essentials is fine, so is just about any other under the sun.

5. Check all the shortcuts to your browsers(IE, CHROME, FireFox) on your desktop and in the launch tray. Look at Properties and the TARGET field. Ensure that no web addresses have been added to the end of the target path.

6. Remove any Addons, plugins, extensions, etc that may be causing issues, or that are unfamiliar.

7. Once this entire process is complete you can re-do all steps once more to ensure nothing made it through. Or move along.

After the fact all you need is to use malwarebytes, a basic virus software (like MSE - really you do not need more) and AdBlock or PopUpBlocker. Then just dont download or click on stupid stuff you don't need.

(Totally my preference) I would like to add that having the Web of Trust addon is a very good step toward staying on safe sites, and having a lower chance of going someplace that would yield one infections.


Great addition. Thanks!

The same can be done with basic everyday free stuff. I personally advise caution when using these tools as they are not for the the layman per say. Some of this is beta ware and some program writer. So, ya! Use at own risk.


No problem dude! And your step-by-step is pretty snazzy as well.

Thanks! I figured I've done it enough I can share what I do. May not work for all but it's helped me many times.
Especially checking the target path on shortcuts. This happens a lot, and it will force launch a home page regardless of what your home page is set to.

What 'basic everyday free stuff'?

They are not difficult to run, in fact they don't even need installing.  I have used them many times and have never had a problem.

So a year late, but I just saw I even made this post :/ thanks for the help! Sorry about no replies, don't know how I forgot about it. But I ended up fixing it by doing a hard reset on the router. But yeah, thanks again for taking time to help :)