POP POP Watching Bitcoin Drop

Bubble has popped. I sold last night when it was at $250.


It will come back up....

There pumping and dumping. A big pump like this is bound to have such a crash as a rebound. It iwll come back up to stable prices.

We all know what that means. ROUND 2 (or whatever it is this time). Probably gonna see a spike to $1000 at some point soon. People can't physically withdraw that much money because of all the limits on every site.

Guess we picked a fun time to join now that PnD is going to be our success.

Meaning more people will invest towards BitCoins, meaning its going to skyrocket back up to some rediculous figure.

I estimate around $1400. Its gonna cap at $1450. But im gonna sell a bit early so I can buy like a fiend and catch the next wave XD

What does PnD mean?

Pump and Dump

Put a lot of $$$ in to raise the price, then dump the coin at that insane price to make tons of profit, rinse repeat. The team we have if we all push our stuff, we can make some serious coin for TS in the next month.

Someone is pretty optimistic.

The fluctuation of Bitcoin is fucking madness. I probably wont put my hands in this game.

Whatever anyone puts into it they shouldn't expect to get it back. "Hope for the best, perpare for the worst"

True. But if you have some little amount of spare cash, this might be a good way to try your luck. On the other hand if you have somewhat large quantities of money, I say go for the stock market, how dark it ever might seem. Of corse, I'm not an economist, but I've succeeded with my stocks ( gone up about 12% in 6 months + dividends).

even at current low prices of 102, I still wouldn't drop that much on a single bitcoin. Far to late to jump on the "I'll buy 5-20 coins and see what happens" train for most.

I lost over a hundred quid from trying to predict the prices. It's a dangerous game.

 So i was just watching bitcoin price rise and watching sales pass by on listentobitcoin.com when the price plummeted, got these screenshots of large bitcon transactions, at the time of the screenshots, MTgox price per coin was $150














This is too volitile to predict. As soon as it goes up a bit people end up selling thousands. 

Its normalizing at $200 again!

Boom shacka lacka ;)

I find it hilarious that as soon as you say that I hear 2 deep sounds from listentobitcoin.

you got nothing on the one i saw yesturday