Pop_os would freeze after prolonged idling

Hey guys
I have committed myself to using Linux. I’ve installed pop_os 19.10 on the good recommendation people have been giving on an ASRock 310 Deskmini.

In my previous installation of the 19.04, that seemed alright. After upgrading to the 19.10 version, the computer would freeze after prolonged idling.

While I’m still learning how to navigate and so far to have found pop to be very user friendly and offers a smooth UX, I’m not too happy about this after looking forward to using Pop. I want to know if I am the only one having this reccurring issue, and what can be done to resolve this? I don’t want to distro hop, and want to give it a proper chance (or do a clean install instead of using the upgrade function from 19.04 like I did)

Thank you

can you provide hardware details? there may be a known hardware bug that needs a workaround.
can you recreate this problem at will? if we can cause this issue under controlled conditions, identifying the cause becomes much easier.

Hey, there might be a GNOME bug… both I and @domsch1988 are facing similar problems, me on Ubuntu and he on Fedora 31

I’m running on a asrock deskmini 310. Have a 7600 CPU
I upgraded from 19.04 using the terminal function to 19.10
Separately, i dont know if this is relevant. i also have dash to panel installed.