POP_OS, Ubuntu 17.10, or some other thing?

Simple thing here, I get a thinkpad L520 for my birthday in july and its basically been in limbo. Has a nice i5 2520m, 12 GB 1600MHZ ram, SSHD, and seems pretty good with whatever I throw at it. I feel really bad for not using it because I haven’t really been able to choose something as an OS [and if you say windows I will slap you].

So basically, answer the poll below. POP or Base Ubuntu? Or is there something with very similar features? In which case choose other and let me know.

  • POP 17.10
  • Ubu “Unity” 17.10
  • Other
  • Turnip

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Now, why POP and Ubuntu. Same reasons as with my desktop. Easy updates, I don’t have to go insane about the updates being behind by 3 days (arch scares me rn with the crazy amounts of 0 days recently), I’d like to have snaps be available, and each individually has a tiebreaker feature that I care about a lot. For POP, the repo’s and software ‘store’ have tools I have never seen before and I can hit the super key and search an app or package and hit enter to open the store and install it. Literally the fastest package management I have ever seen (and I’m not a gnome user so if thats normal for gnome then Ubuntu is my choice in that case). With ubuntu, I get wayland. I’m not gaming on this thing at all, all I have is an Intel HD3000, I’m mostly doing work on this thing when I am out.

And trust me, I know flatpak has shit getting pumped into it from EVERYBODY. And if something like Suse has Wayland, a fast as hell install sequence for packages thats near instant like in pop, and all ties together with a nice implementation of gnome that I can stand (this is the first time I have ever liked Gnome 3), then I’ll look at it. I know Fedora has Wayland and Flat, but I haven’t had luck with fedora in the past so I’m hesitant.

I’m leaning to POP. Your choice L1 users. What do I use.

My default answer would be “Mint MATE” as that’s what I’ve been using on my work laptop for a couple of years now with zero issues.
But it’s not in your list so I had to vote Turnip.

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Mine would be Ubuntu-Mate

Keep to the LTS if you want to ensure stability. That said 17.10 is fine once you give them a month to sort out the bugs discovered in general release.

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That would be on the list but for that sort of form of DE, xfce is much better. And I can always install xfce on top of pop but installing it on top of ubu base I don’t get wayland, pop I get rid of that quick search.

And yes lts in good, 17.10 is worth it.

I’m going to be giving POP a try. I have it in a VM right now and really like it. Plus it bundles Nvidia drivers. I like the message behind it as well. An OS to get things done with.

Yeah thats what I like about it.

Let us know your thoughts on PopOS, I like Ubuntu Mate in part because the team behind it are very active. I do have a liking for the old school Gnome2 GUI. I’m one of those that think Ubuntu peaked with 10.10 as far as usability. Ubuntu Mate gives you all that with the added bonus of the software boutique.

However POP might also scratch that itch of being a desktop OS more about getting things done rather than a thing to play with. I ran SolydXK for a while, that was very nice distro for getting things done without the OS itself becoming a hobby.

Did I write a pop review yet? I remember I was going to but I don’t remember if I did…

No I guess not.

Ubuntu is a soolid choice. Pop OS cracks me up… P.O.S. abbreviation … How did that pass???