Pop_OS (Raid0+LUKs) Installer issues?

Hello, everyone!
I wanted to post this here since this is the place I got the guides for half of the thing I am trying to do. Hopefully I can get some help in understanding if this is the Pop_os installer shitting itself of me being incompetent. So I wanted to set up my system in Raid 0 mode and do a root partition encryption using luks. I used the mdadm utility to setup Raid 0 and then cryptsetup to encrypt the created partition.

I was following 2 guides from this forum by Wendell, can’t include links so I will just include the ends:
Thanks a lot to Wendell for making those!

Separately either raid 0 or full disk encryption- work. I can either have my whole system(minus /boot /efi partitions) on the raid 0 array or have my system installed on one drive with full disk encryption but as soon as try to do both I get the “could not install” error. I have the screenshots and the /tmp/installer.log but for some reason can’t link it, maybe because this is my first post, not sure, maybe I will be able to do it as a comment afterwards? Am I doing something wrong or its the installer messing up?

for now last few lines from the installer:
[ERROR distinst:ffi/src/lib.rs:48] libdistinst: pointer in FFI is null
[INFO distinst:crates/disks/src/config/disks.rs:447] decrypting partition at “/dev/md0p5”
[ERROR distinst:ffi/src/disk.rs:677] decryption error: LUKS partition at ‘"/dev/md0p5"’ was not found
[INFO distinst:ffi/src/lvm.rs:55] getting logical device named ‘pop_os’

Leaving this here in case some desperate soul will be searching for an answer and wants the same setup.(needed basically if you have the same laptop for work and personal needs)

Solution: Install Arch, Pop-OS installer is shitting itself. In Arch doing exactly the same thing to the letter works just fine so it seems the issue is with the installer itself. You can try everything, lvm raid, mdadm raid, even home directory encryption on a raid array will cause it to flip out. Worst part is that if it did install the system and did not boot that would be easily fixable through chrooting and fixing a few config files but the installer ain’t installing so there is no easy solution currently, I have a few ideas but too lazy to even try. I will leave an issue on github at some point though realistically this won’t be fixed, not any times soon, I think developers have other priorities and in reality it is a niche scenario.