Pop_OS! problems

So I have been on Pop_OS! 20.04 for about a month and so far almost everything is going smoothly since it is my third attempt to ditch Windows for good.
However, there are some minor issues I would like to resolve. Firstly, after suspend or a longer session, the desktop environment starts to lag a bit as if it was to drop a frame or something. It is especially noticeable in videos (Youtube) and games. I can fix it with restart but that is not the most convenient way. I have no idea whether it is a Pop_OS! issue or GNOME and I have tried to turn off extensions (I am only using the default ones) - but without success. I found something similar on reddit, with no solution.

The second problem is only cosmetic. Pop shop keeps showing me that I have an update (screenshot included) although there is none when I search for it. In the same way - apt update and upgrade show no new packages. Is there a way I could get rid of that notification?

Thanks for any help

If Gnome is misbehaving there is a built in keyboard shortcut to automatically reload the GDM service.

Alt+F2 and type r then .

For the power issue, Ubuntu messes with the systems power states (cpu governor) and it was not fixable besides patching stuff or disabling their power savings mode entirely and setting them manually.

The power issue I could not find a good solution.

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I have also experienced the “phantom update” issue in the Pop Shop. It seemed to result from incomplete/broken package installs. Here is some guidance on cleaning up broken installs using apt commands.

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