Pop!_OS; Problems with Applications

I’m adding applications to the startup, but I can’t find the right files, KDE/Plasma is so much easier, you search for the file and bam it’s there, but in Pop! I have to look for the program files, I found two, the Discord flatpak and the KeepassXC flatpak, but I can’t find the Discord .deb startfile.

Where is that located?

Also… Is there a command to insert in order to open it minimized? Why won’t the applications open by it’s own settings?

.deb are not executables, those are packages. Think .msi files in Macroshart Wandos.
You should find most executables in /usr/bin sometimes in /opt/.

BTW KeePassXC is available in Debian repos, so it should be trivial to install it on Pop!_OS. You should have it in your software repository.
Apps installed from repo takes way less space than flatpacks, and are handled automatically by your package manager (apt).
If you don’t want to install KeePassXC with a GUI you can always sudo apt install keepassxc in terminal.

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Yeah… About that, It’s probably not in the Pop!_Shop of the simple reason that it’s broken apparently. When I added the keyfile, it would not read what’s in it, but instead add the path to it and have it visible, then stating that the credentials was wrong. So no ken do ken. A bit sad though, because that works great with keepassxc-browser, and the flatpak is being stingy about connecting to brave browser, but not firefox, and I’m not going to use that. It’s sad, because before brave, FF was my absolute favorite, they should create a new browser that is lightweight and secure, that way it might be able to compete with chromium based browsers. Right now it’s one of the slowest and memory intensive browsers, but so is chromium based browsers. Opera GX ? Is it called that, could kind of stop the usage of a lot of ram, but I tend to have between 20-100 tabs open, and I have seen my ram of 32 GB being used like crazy on Brave too.

I prefer the sync feature. To be honest. I’m waiting for Inrupt to get their shit together and create a pod-browser, that’s going to change how the internet is used, no more thieving of information that we don’t want to share. ^^